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Where are you located?

We are in Little Lake, Michigan, in the central Upper Peninsula, about halfway between Marquette and Escanaba, and less than 15 minutes from the Marquette (MQT) airport. For directions to the resort, a map of the property, and snowmobile trails nearby, visit our Maps page.

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How many cottages are at the U.P. Sunrise Cottages resort?

We have nine cottages total. Eight of them are situated around a circle drive at the resort in such a way that they all have a view of the lake out the windows and sitting on the decks. We have an additional cottage, Sunset Point, across Farmers Lake on its own private lot. For a more detailed look at the layout of the resort, visit our Maps Page.

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What is your pet policy?

We allow some dogs, with prior approval.

Please read our Pet Policy page in full, or just give us a call at 906-208-7178.

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Do I have to pay in full when I book?

A payment of 50% is due at the time of the booking.  The remaining 50% must be paid 13 days prior to the arrival date. For rentals of more than 7 nights OR group bookings of 3 or more cottages, the balance is due 29 days before arrival. 

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What time is check-in and check-out?

  • Check-in is anytime after 4:00pm. Call us or send us a message at 906-208-7178 to find out if early check-in is available. Often this just comes down to whether the previous guest departs early and how soon our cleaners can get your cottage ready.
  • Check-out is by 10:00am.

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How far are you from Pictured Rocks, Munising, and Marquette?

We are about an hour drive from Munising, where the Pictured Rocks boat cruises and kayak tours leave from. Many of our summer guests make a day trip to Pictured Rocks. Boat tickets often sell out, so plan ahead and get your tickets early!

We are about 35 minutes from Marquette.

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Where do I go for food?

Brown’s Store is just down the street. They are a gas station with grocery basics. They also have a butcher with excellent meat. The Throttle is a bar and grill attached to Browns.

About ten minutes away in Gwinn, there is Larry’s grocery store, Family Dollar, and Dollar General. There are several good places to eat in Gwinn, including a French bakery, a pizza place, an American grill, great home-cooked style food, and ribs. But check the hours ahead of time, because most of the restaurants are not open every day, and don’t stay open real late.

In Marquette, 35 minutes away, there are several grocery stores, a Walmart, Target, and Meijer, and a wide variety of great restaurants, breweries, and food trucks.

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Do your cottages have A/C?

Only Cottage #1 and Sunset Point have A/C. The rest of the cottages do not have A/C.

It usually cools off at night in the Upper Peninsula, so a common practice around here is to open the windows at night, and close them in the morning. There are usually a handful of days in a typical summer when you will wish you had A/C, and will have to decide between being hot and complaining, or going for a swim and enjoying sitting in the shade down by the lake.

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Are bedding and towels provided?

For short-term vacation rentals, bedding and towels are provided. Towels should not leave the building, so please bring your own beach towels.

For extended stays, we ask you to bring your own towels and bedding.

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What cooking/eating utensils are provided?

Our cottages all have plates, cups, silverware, and some basic pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

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Do you have grills?

We have several charcoal grills available to use, along with grilling utensils. We have charcoal chimneys you can use to start the charcoal (so you don’t need lighter fluid), and we usually even have charcoal available that other guests have left behind.

We ask that you return the grills to a common area after use so they are available to other guests.

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Do you have firepits and provide firewood?

We have two firepits available down by the lake, and one portable metal fire ring. Sunset Point has its own firepit. We provide firewood onsite, and keep some paper, lighters, and kindling around. Just ask, and we’ll get you set up. If you’d like to see where the firepits are located, visit our Maps Page.

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Do you have laundry facilities available?

There are two coin laundromats in Gwinn, about 10 minutes away. Sunset Point cottage has its own washer and dryer.

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Do you provide life jackets?

We do have an assortment of life jackets, from infant to XXL, available for guests to use. Usually we have enough to go around, but on a busy day at the waterfront, we may run out. If you own life jackets, it’s up to you if you want to squeeze them into the car to make sure they are always available when you want to use them.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Because most people plan their vacations in advance, last minute cancellations usually mean that a cottage will sit empty. Therefore, we do not encourage cancellations.

If booked with us directly, the cancellation policy is as follows:

Please phone cancellation requests to (906) 208-7178; emails will NOT guarantee that your request was received.

  • Cut-off date for refund:
    • Rentals of up to 7 nights for 1-2 cottages: 14 days before arrival date
    • Rentals of more than 7 nights OR group bookings of 3 or more cottages with overlapping dates: 30 days before arrival date
  • 100% refund if cancelled on or before cut-off date, less any credit card processing fees up to 3% of the original payment.
  • No refund if cancelled after cut-off date.
  • Snowmobilers: for cancellation due to trail conditions, visit our Snowmobiling FAQ Page.

If booked through an online travel agency (OTA), such as Airbnb, the cancellation policy will be that displayed on the channel at the time of booking. Please be aware that refunds of OTA service fees are dependent on the OTA’s own policies and are out of our control.

Travelers Insurance

With all of the variables that life brings, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance–either standard or CFAR (cancel for any reason)–from a third party. You can do this during our checkout process, or shop for a policy online. For under $100 worth of insurance, you can be reimbursed if circumstances force you to cancel your stay after the cut-off date for a refund.

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How good is your internet connection?

We have high-speed 200 Mbps internet to the property. Each of our cottages has its own wi-fi access point with a very fast, reliable internet connection suitable for business travelers or for watching your favorite shows on Netflix. (But you don’t have to tell your kids.)

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Do you provide (cable) TV?

In 2021, we installed fast internet and Android smart TVs in all of our cottages. We do not currently have cable TV or TV antennas. All of the following are possible:

  • screen cast content from a phone or tablet to the TV
  • log in to your own Netflix account to stream content
  • connect a laptop to the TV via HDMI
  • connect a DVD player to the TV via HDMI or RCA cable
  • plug in an antenna via coaxial cable

Please note: at this time we do not provide the cables, nor training in using the smart TV.

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Is there cell phone coverage at your resort?

We have good service for phones that use AT&T’s network. Verizon signal is weak at our location, but better than AT&T in much of the rest of the Upper Peninsula. If your phone supports Wi-Fi calling, you can use our wireless network to make calls.

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Did I see your cottages listed on Airbnb, VRBO, etc?

Yes, we list on these channels, however, if you book through them, you will pay their fees. So unless you have some particular reason to book through them, check out our Availability Page and save yourself some money!

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Are fireworks allowed?

We do not allow fireworks at the resort. However, if you are in the area around the 4th of July, there are several good fireworks shows nearby, and there are certain to be some other folks on the lake who will light off their own fireworks.

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I have snowmobiling related questions.

Check out our Snowmobiling FAQ Page!

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Do you offer extended stays?

During the busy vacation rental season, we offer a 10% discount for stays of 30 nights or more. Stay 31 nights or more and save yourself the 6% Michigan use tax.

Traveling for work? Living the work-from-anywhere lifestyle? Just sold your home, or looking for one to buy?

If you are interested in an extended stay near Marquette, MI, Munising, MI, or Escanaba, MI anytime between Labor Day and Memorial Day, send us a message on the Contact Us page or give us a call at 906-208-7178 for more information.

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I booked through VRBO and my payment did not go through.

For VRBO bookings, U.P. Sunrise Cottages is the merchant of record for credit card payments, which means that VRBO does not collect the payment, we do.

Your payment may not go through until we approve it manually, which sometimes looks on your end like your credit card payment failed. Please be patient.

Even though our booking system is linked with VRBO, for some reason VRBO does not properly display the payment you made to us directly, and still shows a balance due. If you got a confirmation email from us that we received your payment, don’t worry, we received your payment even if VRBO shows that we did not.

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My question was not answered.

Give us a call at 906-208-7178 or send us an email from our Contact Us page.